Based in Lausanne,'s team is formed by seasoned executives with backgrounds in technology, private education, hospitality and tourism, bringing in years of experience and expertise in forming the Swiss-made hotelier.

Swiss Quality

We are the next-generation Swiss hotel school. An online learning platform with self-paced courses aimed at current hospitality professionals and those interested in joining the sector. Our mission is to democratise hospitality education by leveraging technology-driven education and partnering with leading professionals in tune with the current needs of the industry.

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You can take individual courses or enrol on the full Swiss Master Hotelier programme

Our experts have years of experience in the following companies:

Swiss Master Hotelier

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Digital Transformation

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Industry experts

They are the result of hospitality professionals years of formal education and industry experience, the combination of their work and life experiences, and therefore a unique, high value commodity


Large selection of courses offers a large range of hospitality courses in different levels


Workshops around the world

Every year we schedule multiple workshops around the world where you can learn from our experts

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Value Creation in F&B by Martin B. Jones

"Corporate Social Responsibility has become the name of the game"

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Pay per course

Buy each course individually
CHF 199 Per course
  • No commitment
  • Buy courses for 199 CHF each
  • Certificate per course


includes one free course
CHF 199 Per year
  • Promo: 1 Course included (of 199 CHF)
  • 50% discount on all courses
  • Free access to webinars
  • Annual membership

Vacation Rental

6 courses // full collection
CHF 900 one-time
  • Access to all 6 vacation rental courses
  • Monthly payments possible
  • Free access to webinars
  • Free Membership
  • 50% discount on other courses
  • Vacation Rental Collection certificate

Swiss Master Hotelier

24 courses // full program
CHF 2250 with 50% scholarship
  • Scholarships up to 80% available
  • Monthly payments possible
  • 24 self-paced courses
  • Free access to webinars
  • Free Membership
  • 3 year unlimited access to all courses
  • Swiss Master Hotelier certificate

Swiss Quality

Our founding members are seasoned executives in Swiss hospitality education and bring in years of experience and expertise in forming the Swiss-made hotelier.


Microlearning (or bite-sized lessons) offers numerous advantages compared to traditional lessons: it is convenient, improves content retention, requires less time and supports self-managed learning.


programs that are based on the latest scientific research about how the brain learns, including such factors as cognitive development -how students learn differently as they age, grow, and mature socially, emotionally, and cognitively.


Our gamified learning is an educational approach to motivate students to learn by using video and game elements. The goal is to maximize enjoyment and engagement through capturing the interest of learners and inspiring them to continue learning

Industry Experts

Our courses are co-created and facilitated by extremely successful professionals in their fields. Together, we are able to communicate with the hospitality and tourism industry in real time and create courses that respond to the market's immediate needs.


We want to be a tool for those who are in an immediate need to reeskill, upskill or simply find a new opportunity. Our prices are fair (even low), our courses can be taken at your pace.


Our courses leverage the latest in educational technology to improve the quality of your experience and enhance your learning process.


Upon completion of your course, you will be awarded a certificate or with the Master Hotelier Certification when you complete our full program. You can share this certification on your CV or LinkedIn profile.

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