Data and Technology for the Vacation Rental Industry

Data and Technology for the Vacation Rental Industry

Data and Technology for the Vacation Rental by Michael Driedger and Cliff Johnson.

In this course, created by two Subject Matter Experts, will address technology and how it plays a major role in the running of vacation rental businesses in both the operational and the strategic side. Leveraging technology can increase efficiency and positively impact guest experiences. Additionally, technology allows managers to gain deeper insights into the business and to make a better strategic decision using data. This course will explore and review both angles in a practical way to gain actionable understanding on how make technology work for you.

Course Details

Pace  Self-paced
Language  English
Caption English, Spanish, German, French
Difficulty Entry / Intermediate
Certification  Yes

Subject Matter Experts

Michael Driedger: Michael has more than 20 years of experience in the world of buildings, he is a problem solver and technology enthusiast. He founded Edge Consultants in 2012, bringing technology and triple bottom line solutions (people, planet and profit) to green building projects. It was here that Operto Guest Technologies, in 2016, was born of a need to save energy in hotels. Michael served as CEO of Operto until 2020 when his keen interest in PropTech (property technology) and indoor air quality led him to become CEO of Airsset Technologies. As CEO of Airsset Technologies, he is focused on indoor air quality monitoring, software, metadata and bringing better air to people in buildings. He also serves as Advising Director of Technology to Restavio Property Management. At Restavio he advises the team strategically on decisions around the application of software to automate tasks and increase profitability.


Cliff Johnson is the Chief Commercial Officer of Rented. In his role at Rented, Cliff has helped develop a full-service revenue management program for vacation rental managers and a pricing optimization tool, Art by Rented. Prior to joining Rented, Cliff co-founded Vacasa and led growth and operations efforts there for 8 ½ years as it ultimately raised over $500 million in funding en route to becoming the largest vacation rental management company in the US. Cliff is also an attorney and an avid supporter of social impact entrepreneurship.


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Price CHF199
Instructor Michael Driedger
Duration 4 weeks
Lectures 34
Enrolled 62 students