We are the hotel business school that is leading the revolution of the hospitality education industry. How? Through the world’s most disruptive and efficient hospitality business program: impactful micro-learning, only actionable information, 100% updated contents and learning from top entrepreneurs and hospitality leaders. 

If you want to learn more about our purpose, values and who’s behind this disruption, check out our About us page.

Maybe you are questioning how our program’s price is much lower than those you can find in the current education marketplace. Even though we have reunited some of the world’s top-hospitality leaders and entrepreneurs in one single program. 

There are two main reasons:

  • The first is our core purpose: Providing to everyone -willing to learn- everywhere in the world, the key business and hospitality management knowledge to reach the next level.

● The second is ‘Value Innovation’. Our disruptive business model allows us to deliver a word-class program at a “no-brainer” price.

Our Subject Matter Experts or SMEs as we call them. They are experienced business leaders with a deep understanding in their field. They know what is actually important and what you really need to know to make the biggest impact. These SMEs will be your instructors. And we help them transfer their wealth of knowledge and experience into impactful micro courses using the latest brain-based techniques. 

No, We are not accredited by any institution or government agency. And we are proud of it. We strongly believe that accreditation constrains flexibility, leading to outdated learnings, curricular stagnation and inefficient programs. 

We do have strong industry partnerships and SMEs who co-create the curriculum based on the latest industry expertise. And we are a subsidiary of the Swiss Hospitality Institute for quality assurance.

Yes and the proof is that professionals from Accor, Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and many more have chosen hotel.school to up-skill and re-skill in order to advance their careers. We work with the best hospitality companies, and leading professionals to create the best possible program.

Yes. For every course you compete, individually or as part of a collection, you will receive a certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile or resume.  

Once you complete 100% of the Swiss Master Hotelier (SMH) courses and pass all the quizzes, you’ll receive a SMH certificate as well and can place SMH behind your name.

Traditional hospitality Master and MBA programs are still valuable. Particularly, from top business and hotel schools in Switzerland. We do not argue that. 

However, this model seems to be at stake: 

  • They require a huge investment of money and time, with uncertain returns. 
  • Professors are academics who often lack ‘real world’ experience
  • Outdated content and case studies
  • Expensive programs from profit driven institutions does not guarantee quality

At hotel.school, we believe that the highest quality (Swiss) hospitality education must become accessible to everyone all over the world. That’s why we have created this ultra efficient and consistently updated program.

Among the vast universe of online courses:

  • many use outdated virtual classroom-based courses rather than brain-based micro-learning on-demand instructional design like we do
  • Many are not well-structured and learnings are usually poor
  • They lack a clear value proposition
  • There is zero offline engagement and community

Our brain-based, on-demand micro-learning instructional design is among the most impactful that you can find. But you will still need to take ownership of your learning by:


  • Take and review notes. Do the exercises.
  • Pause the video when you hear an unfamiliar concept to look it up and learn more about it
  • Limit yourself to maximum 2 to 3 lessons each time to aid retention and deep learning.
  • Review complex concepts in the videos more than once. Go back after a few weeks to review. 

hotel.school is geared towards mid-career professionals in the wider service industry. We have students from hotels, restaurants, airlines, travel, entrepreneurs but also engineers, lawyers, architects, pharmacists, doctors, marketers, etc. who want to know more about the hospitality and service industry.

No. Hotel.school courses and the SMH programme have been purposely designed both to help junior profiles in early stages of their career, as well as senior professionals with several years of experience in their industry.

The only requisite is your love for hospitality and learning.

Yes. Hotel.school is open, either you live in North America, Latam, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc

It is not only possible. It’s better.

Microlearning (or bite-sized lessons) offers numerous advantages compared to traditional -often too long- lessons: it is convenient, improves content retention, it increases motivation as people love learning in short bursts, supports self-managed learning, is easier to update, requires less time and resources, is better suited to mobile learning, etc.

Our program covers all the areas of a hospitality focussed post-grad level curriculum to acquire a 360-degree vision of the contemporary hotel business. This includes, strategy, digital marketing, leadership, sustainability, value creation, revenue management, AI for hoteliers, Digital Transformation and more.

We provide 24h support to the students through our live chat or you can contact us by email.

Yes. The program is comprised by videos and downloadable resources: templates, guides, course summaries, explanations of key concepts, etc.

Subject Experts also organise Open Hours so you can engage with them and learn first hand from their wealth of experience and knowledge. The SMH programme even includes personal mentorship from your favorite instructor. You choose who you like most!

Every month we release a new curriculum. Assuming you advance at that pace, it will take 10 months:

  • Number of courses to complete for the SMH: 25
  • Dedication time: Approx. 4 to 6 hours per individual course

Yes.  During every course you will have formative quizzes. The goal of these quizzes is not evaluating but helping to secure the key learnings of the courses. 

Upon completion of every course, you will also take the certification test after which you will be certified in the topic of the course.

We encourage our students to do take notes it because it supports the learning experience and helps to retain complex concepts. Even drawing or doodling some of the concepts you learn aid the retention and conversion to long term memory. 

Most courses have several exercises to complete. You can download and print the exercise files or annotate them on your computer.

You can study our courses / SMH everywhere you want, anytime you want, at any pace you want, as long as you have Internet access and a device to access the platform (PC, mobile or tablet).

We don’t allow to download the videos and watch them offline, in order to prevent copyright infringements.

No. Once started, you will have a 15-month access to the platform in order to finish the SMH program. Upon completion of this period, if you haven’t completed the program or want to keep learning with the updated content, you will be able to request an extension of maximum of 6 months for free.


There is a reason behind this limitation. Statistics prove that if the time to complete the program is not limited, students are less motivated to finish it. This explains the low completion rate of most online courses.


You can also purchase individual modules and pay-as-you. For those you have 12-month access after the date of purchase.

We accept all standard credit and debit card options including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, as well as other payment methods (PayPal, WeChat Pay and AliPay) that may be enabled on the website.

Yes. You can pay the SMH in monthly installments. Instead of a single payment, monthly installments are an affordable option.

Single courses are non-refundable. From our SMH you can withdraw from the purchase during a period of 15 days from the time that is released.


If you want to exercise this right, you must contact us via the following email: info@hotel.school

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