Based in Lausanne,’s team is formed by seasoned executives with backgrounds in technology, private education, hospitality and tourism, bringing in years of experience and expertise in forming the Swiss-made hotelier.

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Our curriculum

Leading Self, Others and Organisations
Effective leadership is a strategic choice, not a personality trait. It starts with yourself. You will learn how and when to apply leadership strategically along with practical know-how and insights from real situations.

Emotional Intelligence for Hoteliers
Emotional Intelligence is a far better predictor of performance in the service industry than IQ. And the good things is, it can be learned and developed by anyone. Develop your EQ and learn how to become become a better, more impactful leader.

Positive Psychology
Personal, organisational and societal wellbeing are key topics in our increasingly VUCA world. Positive Psychology can be the differentiator for failure or success. Learn how to leverage it to get the best out of yourself and the people around you.

Leveraging Data in the hotel industry
Data is THE critical driver to quality of service, operational excellence and decision-making and is often at the heart of business transformation. Learn the language of data analytics and have practical insights on how to make data work better for your business.

Strategic Revenue Management
Essential in any managers toolbox: a solid understanding of Revenue Management to optimise your sales efforts. Get actionable insights on how to make Revenue Management better for you and your business.

Connectivity and Distribution
The channel landscape is changing with unbelievable pace and has major impact on your topline revenue and profits. Dive into channel mix strategy and optimisation with actionable learning.

Business Strategy
Deliberate versus Emergent strategy? Either or both? Get real-life insights from hospitality leaders how they set strategy for their businesses and how they deal with the rapid changes of today.

Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR has become the name of the game! Learn the origins of CSR and why it makes strong business sense to operate socially responsible as an organisation.

Competitive and Growth strategies
Expand, innovate and stay successful in the face of competition. Learn how the technological forces driving corporate innovation and valuable insights on how to adapt to today’s global market realities

Omni-Channel Marketing
Successful marketing starts with holistic strategies considering every channel, from email to search to social media, aligning the business’s core values, customers, and goals. Get actionable know-how, specifically for the service industry, on how to create a successful omni-channel marketing strategy.

Public Relations for Hoteliers
PR is critical for any service organisation as it influences consumer opinion and your reputation. As technology evolves, communicating with the public has become more complex. Get actionable know-how on how to deal with the changing PR landscape, influencers, press relations, visual storytelling and how to measure the ROI of your PR efforts.

Managing Social Media
Craft and deliver unique and personalized messages to enhance guest experiences, loyalty and reinforce your brand’s reputation. Get actionable ideas on how your can increase the ROI on your Social Media strategy.

Talent Acquisition and Retention
Gaining and retaining talent is one of the most prominent issues service organisations face in today’s digital age. Effective employer branding, recruiting and onboarding strategies play a major role in the organisations success by getting the right people, in the right roles, at the right time.

Leveraging People Analytics
By leveraging workforce data, service organisations can objectively identify what keeps their people happy at work, how to boost productivity, which employees will likely be successful in which role and team, and much, much more. Best practices in people analytics will be shared and explained how they be best actioned in a service organisation.

The Value-Based Culture
The service industry is known for its diverse workforce which brings unique challenges, and opportunities. Explore values like Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. Learn how to activate them in your organisation to enhance your employee experience.

Achieving Service Excellence
To achieve service excellence, you need to put guests at the centrepiece of your offering and listen closely to their wants and expectations. Services and experiences can be build around them and the quality of the service measured. Learn techniques on how to build a mindset in your teams where decisions start and end with the guest.

Value Creation in F&B
Getting your value proposition and unique selling point right is the leading differentiator between success and failure. What is value and does it mean to you and your guests?

Designing the Service Experience
Guest expectations are higher than ever before. Skilfully designing the touch-points where your service and guests interact will deepen the relationship and drive satisfaction and loyalty. Get the functional tools and know-how to identify and innovate on your service experience.

Technology Driven Personalization
Personalization will be the prime driver of marketing success for service organisations. Advances in technology, data, and analytics allow marketers to create much more personal and “human” experiences across moments, channels, and buying stages, extending customer journeys. Get practical insights on how personalization can make the difference.

Technology for MICE
Adopting technology in MICE provides a major competitive advantage, improving sales results, delegate satisfaction and attendance, productivity and reach through (e)word-of-mouth. In this course useful technological solutions and ideas will be shared applicable to a wide range of MICE activities.

Digital Transformation
How do you get to your future guests before others do? It is inconceivable how to run a business without Digital. Learn how to make digital work for you in this high-level strategic course.

Creative Concept Design
Get creative in your concept design. It will differentiate you in the crowded competitive arena. Learn how to rethink and create a unique value propositions and differentiation points and how to create the right messages and stories to communicate those.

Sustainability in Practice
No way around it, you need to think about sustainability for your business. Applied well, sustainable practices can lead to cost savings and increased guest satisfaction at the same time. This course will show you how.

Increasing Guest Loyalty
Does loyalty still exist? Well, increasing positive emotions of guests about your brand is the best way to increase it. But in our competitive and digitally connected landscape the tactics need to be adjusted. Learn techniques you can use identify and retain your most valuable customers and keep them loyal for life.


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