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Next-generation hotel school announces partnership with AJL Atelier to create and distribute micro-courses for the Vacation and Short-Term Rental sectors

Hotel.school is proud to partner with AJL Atelier to develop and deliver virtual micro-courses that aim to develop specific skills and elevate the professionalism in the Vacation and Short-Term rental sectors.

AJL Atelier is considered one of the most experienced advisory firms servicing the global private accommodation and short-term rental industry providing consultancy, financial advisory, pricing solutions and performance optimisation for property managers and tech solutions globally.

The VR and STR sectors had been growing and making headlines before the pandemic, and have gained even more traction by experts pointing out the sector’s resilience and stronger performance amid the crisis. The Vacation Rental Collection will include 6 high-impact courses created by experienced leaders in the sector: Business Strategy, Revenue Management & Profitability, by Simon Lehmann; Operations Management by Staysafe’s Natasha Morgan; Marketing by former Expedia executive Susan Tormollen; Technology and Data by Airsset Technologies’ CEO Michael Driedger and Rented’s Cliff Johnson and finally, Distribution by Natural Retreat’s Sarah Franzen.

Courses can be found on hotel.school’s website. Each course is formed by 25-30 short lessons, videos, quizzes and exercises. Participants take an average of 2-4 weeks to complete the course, and earn a (blockchain verified) micro-credential certification upon completion of each. Each course is currently being sold at a promotional launch price of 199 CHF/EUR, and in line with their resolve to bring hospitality education to a wider audience, hotel.school and AJL are giving away 100 free courses to those in the industry that had their careers affected by Covid-19.

“This collection of virtual micro-courses is developed using our brain-based framework with exclusive content by recognized leaders in the Vacation and Short-Term Rental sectors Each course is designed thinking of those already involved in short-term rentals or broader hospitality business looking to gain insight specific to the sector. We believe a well-rounded hotelier must be familiar with this important vertical of the hospitality industry.”
Patricia Iinuma, Managing Director

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