Vacation Rental Collection

CHF900 is proud to partner with AJL Atelier to develop and deliver virtual micro courses that aim to elevate the professionalism and development of professionals in the Vacation and Short-Term rental sectors.

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This collection of virtual micro courses is developed using our brain-based framework with exclusive content by recognized leaders in the Vacation and Short-Term Rental sector. Each course is designed thinking of those already involved in short-term rentals or broader hospitality business looking to gain insight specific to the sector. We believe a well-rounded hotelier must be familiar with this important vertical of the hospitality industry.

150+ Lessons with videos
We offer over exclusive training 150+ videos in our Vacation Rental Collection (around 25 per course) which are recorded by us in studio’s in New York, Adelaide, Singapore, Miami, London, Lausanne and many others. Our subject matter experts are top professionals from the vacation rental industry!

15 MINUTES PER DAY – Scientifically-backed micro-learning
– Our revolutionary method is based on scientifically-backed micro-learning:
– Engaging daily lessons with interactive quizzes
– Available on any device
– 100% self-paced and convenient


The Vacation Rental collection includes:

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