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Are you interested in the Vacation Rental courses? is proud to partner with AJL Atelier to develop and deliver virtual micro courses that aim to elevate the professionalism and development of professionals in the Vacation and Short-Term rental sectors.

The Vacation Rental Collection is the result of a successful partnership between AJL Atelier and

The sector had been growing and making headlines before the pandemic, and it has gained even more traction by experts pointing out the sector’s resilience and stronger performance amid the crisis

This collection of virtual micro courses is developed using our brain-based framework with exclusive content by recognized leaders in the Vacation and Short-Term Rental sector. Each coursed is designed thinking of those to already involved in short-term rentals or broader hospitality business looking to gain insight specific to the sector. We believe a well-rounded hotelier must be familiar with this important vertical of the hospitality industry.

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Lessons with videos

We offer over exclusive training 150+ videos in our Vacation Rental Collection (around 25 per course) which are recorded by us in studio’s in New York, Adelaide, Singapore, Miami, London, Lausanne and many others. Our subject matter experts are top professionals from the vacation rental industry!

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Our revolutionary method is based on scientifically-backed micro-learning: 

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At AJL, we’ve talked for a long time about the short-term rental industry suffering from low standards and issues around professionalism that do not match consumer expectations. Our partnership with is a perfect fit with a clear mandate to provide knowledge, skills and resources that support business owners and their staff access the highest quality education provided by our experts.

Simon Lehmann, AJL co-founder

Our sub-collections

Vacation Rental Essentials

The Vacation Rental Collection – Essentials has been designed for professionals in the Vacation & STR sectors, but also found popularity with owners of second homes who would like to earn extra income by renting their properties. The Essentials include three courses contextualising the uniqueness of vacation rental operations, marketing and business strategy. 

The content has been adapted to the global industry while highlighting local concepts. 

The courses have been developed by reputable industry leaders and are taught by Subject Matter Experts from around the world.

Vacation Rental Pro

The Vacation Rental Collection – Pro has been designed as a comprehensive complement to the Essentials.

It provides up-to-date and relevant material in the areas of distribution, technology, data, revenue & profitability management. All of which are critical in a fast-paced environment and competitive vertical.

The Pro component of the collection enables professionals to make immediate use of the content and each course features experts sharing their experience through structured frameworks.

Our courses of the VR collection

The goal of revenue management is to adapt the price of a product or service in real-time to various market factors such as demand or seasonality.
The vacation rental travel vertical has started to implement revenue management inspired by other similar businesses such as hotels, but sometimes, these practices and strategies are failing to address the specificities of the VR sector.In this course I will outline these specificities and provide you with tools to maximize your profitability. We will discuss the vacation rental product and the way businesses are structured (in particular in terms of cost),requiring our sector to build our own revenue management practices. We will cover the importance of using accurate data and establishing KPIs, and dive into the aspects and metrics you need to take into consideration to make the right choices for pricing and for you to run a profitable vacation rental business.

In this course we will introduce you to the operational side of running a vacation rental, enable you to work more effectively with your teams or within your organization and get the most out of your daily procedures and the overall operational experience. If you want to know more about managing and operating a vacation rental, this could help you by introducing you to the tools you need to make it a success. We will cover specificities of the VR sector; safety & security; regulations; insurances and will provide you with several operational checklists to assist you in setting and maintaining standards witin your business.

In this course we will look at vacation rental business strategies and will review essential concepts. We will cover the different business models commonly used in the sector as well as their challenges, advantages and disadvantages, as well as the approach to solve them by implementing practical measures. We are going to dive into what makes our industry so unique and how to make your very own company stand out from its competition. You will gain understanding of the essence of a Vacation rental business and how to structure your business according to your objectives.


In this course you will learn the tools to be able to bring to life your companies’ unique attributes and strengths, providing you with a competitive edge in allowing your business to stand out from other accommodation offerings, both in your market and beyond. We will address your company’s mission, vision and purpose; will cover brand positioning, will look at your customer and how to create your own customer journey map. We will touch on how to use branding to secure owners and guests and will look into the reasons why a strong brand increases sales and bookings. Finally, we will help you build an efficient marketing plan for your business.

In this course, created by two Subject Matter Experts, will address technology and how it plays a major role in the running of vacation rental businesses in both the operational and the strategic side. Leveraging techology can increase efficiency and positively impact guest experiences. Additionally, technology allows managers to gain deeper insights into the business and to make better strategic decision using data. This course will explore and review both angles in a practical way to gain actionable understanding on how make technology work for you.

In this course we will look at Distribution Strategy for vacation and short-term rentals, will dive into your customer and where to find them. We will dive into channel strategy and how to choose and manage an OTA. We will talk about channel optimization and what you need to do optimize your performance.We will look closer at main players such as Booking, VRBO, Airbnb and Expedia. We will also guide you thru different cancelation policies, GDS for VR and look at niche channels.

Courses and Programs

Individual Course

Buy each course individually
CHF 199 Per course
  • No commitment
  • Buy courses for 199 CHF each
  • Certificate per course

Vacation Rental Essentials

3 courses // essential collection
CHF 500 one-time
  • Access to essential 3 vacation rental courses
    - Marketing
    - Operations
    - Business Strategy
  • Monthly payments possible (4 instalments)
  • Free access to webinars
  • Free Membership
  • 50% discount on other courses
  • Vacation Rental Essentials certificate

Vacation Rental Pro

3 courses // pro collection
CHF 500 one-time
  • Access to pro 3 vacation rental courses
    - Distribution
    - Revenue & Profitability
    - Data & Technology Strategy
  • Monthly payments possible (4 instalments)
  • Free access to webinars
  • Free Membership
  • 50% discount on other courses
  • Vacation Rental Pro certificate

Vacation Rental Collection

6 courses // full collection
CHF 900 one-time
  • Access to all 6 vacation rental courses
  • Monthly payments possible (4 instalments)
  • Free access to webinars
  • Free Membership
  • 50% discount on other courses
  • Vacation Rental Collection certificate

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